Terry Ingram

Manager and Presenter Atlantic RNI

I started playing music to an audience at the tender age of 10, on stage in my Father’s bingo hall. Then, after hearing the U.K. Pop Pirate radio stations closing down in 1967, I decided to try and keep their spirit alive. I began a radio station in my school, in Birmingham, England, at the age of 14, which then acted as a springboard for me to work on BBC Radio One, co-presenting and helping out on The Radio One Club show, working with the likes of ROSKO, Ed “Stewpot” Stewart, Noel Edmonds and Tommy Vance, amongst others. From there, I moved on to co-presenting occasionally on “The Ross & Henry Show” on BBC Radio Birmingham. After a break from broadcasting I returned to work on Restricted Service License radio stations, such as Radio Hollymoor, Ad-Lib Radio, King’s Norton FM, Kingfisher FM, plus a few others. I did a stint on Tyne FM too, as well as 105.2 Vale FM, Spitfire Radio, TKO Replay/Gold, Sunshine Radio 855, and I am currently a presenter on North Cotswold Community Radio, (N.C.C.R.). For a few years I was the station manager, programme controller, training officer, producer and presenter on Radio Alex. I am a comedy scriptwriter, and have written stuff for Benny Hill, Russ Abbot, and numerous other comedy shows. I’m a big “Star Trek” and “Doctor Who” fan, and enjoy collecting radio jingles. Oh, and I’ve just written a couple of books too! As the new Manager of The English Service of RNI, I hope to bring a new approach to the output, and begin the return to “personality radio”.