Klaas Vaak

Klaas Vaak was born in 1952 in Egmond aan Zee in a medium-sized resort near Alkmaar. At an early age Klass was drawn to the rumble of pickups, tape recorders, tape decks, and later still had the tape recorder to document the offshore radio era. He always listened to Radio Veronica while at work, and also at Radio North Sea to International. Klaas drives for work, so he has a love for the non-stop program mesh creation.Klaas came into contact with a former radio DJ from Monique which broadcast from the Ross Revenge and now is a local broadcaster in Ijmuiden Klass did programmes 0511 Radio, a weekly non-stop oldies show because the station only 60’s and 70’s hits.Regrettably Radio 0511 closed down but now Klaas can be heard on RNI.