Kev Tatlow

Presenter Atlantic RNI


I started my path in radio a long time ago in the whistle and steam days of the 1980’s with a Hospital Radio station BHBN in Birmingham and after that I ran Radio Alex in Redditch for a few years. I gained an awful lot of experience and knowledge in that time. From there I went on to be the voice of Traffic and Travel in the Midlands working on both AA Roadwatch and Trafficlink, I presented travel on virtually all the Midlands radio stations, both independent local radio as well as all the BBC stations in the Midlands and beyond.
Working in radio is one of the best things that happened in my life – I have presented every kind of programme going from breakfast shows to love zones on Community Radio stations, local radio ones too as well as where I started in Hospital Radio. Following a spell in Devon I am now back in the Midlands have never looked back since! Well apart from to check the traffic in my rear view mirror of course! You can find me on air every week presenting my series of “The Cortina Years” – exploring the music form the time when the classic Ford Cotina was at it heyday!
Outside of the Radio world I love doing events for charity – in the past I have had my chest waxed for Children in Need and walked on fire for a Children’s Cancer Charity! Also love travelling and spending time with my family.
If you fancy getting in touch with me for anything connected with the show or you just fancy a shout out on one of the shows please email me at